If you don’t ask, you don’t get !…


Following the recent changes in Pre Action Protocol rules, we recommend you set up any letter of claim as such.


(The legal bit…) However please note that a good Letter of Claim may not guarantee a payment and there are no guarantees that any Court Registrar would deem any correspondence enough but at least you’ve tried to adhere to the legislation forced upon you.


Example Letter of Claim


F.A.O. Whom it may concern Your ref :

Any Company

Any Street

Any Town

Any Postcode (Date)






Further to our previous correspondence, we (Client name) write in fulfilment of the necessary Pre-Action Protocol as per standard Civil Procedure Rules.


We confirm that the above outstanding balance arises from the failure of the client, (Debtor’s name) to comply / adhere to the terms of payment on a simply supply contract, of which (Client name) reserve the right to pursue said client for the none payment of any unpaid invoice/s.


The contractual agreement is a simple contract for (goods supplied for purchase / goods supplied for hire / service or maintenance of equipment).


Our claim for unpaid invoices is listed as below. (or attached to this correspondence as a statement).


Payment of the outstanding account totalling £……………. must be received directly into our nominated bank account (in the form of a cleared fund transfer payment only) no later than ……. (five days from the date of the letter)……… as a final means to amicable settlement.


Given the breach of contract through none payment of an account, we reserve the right to suspend all further dealings with your company until the matter of the outstanding balance is resolved.


As per Civil Procedure Rules, we advise that should the matter remain unresolved, we reserve the right to instruct the appropriate third party to enter into Alternative Dispute Resolution without any further reference to yourselves.


Yours sincerely

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