Are you ready for the ‘Cash Flow’ Grinch?

September, a time for swapping stories about our Summer hols, then suddenly the Corp & Comm ‘Cash Flow’ Grinch reminds us that it’s only one more quarter until the dreaded ‘C’ word.

‘What’s Chrimbo got to so with credit control ?’ we hear you ask.
September in the Credit Control department is all about getting your diligence done to set yourself up for a stress free Christmas.
Most people’s payment terms dictate September’s invoices will become due at the end of October and October’s at the end of November, so it is the invoices that you raise imminently that will be your Christmas cash flow.

Step 1 – Do the extra diligence checks on both any new customers and indeed any existing customers that have passed a big order.

  • Secure up to date credit checks and take some time investigate customers through search engines. You need to know any adverse business news about the company you’re entrusting your cash flow with.


Step 2 –  Take extra care to ensure the info you put on your invoice is correct.

  • If anything is wrong with the invoice it may only come to light once you are chasing it, which may be once the holiday season is starting to bite.

Step 3 – Take some time to speak with your customers purchase ledger clerks.

  • Business is all about building good relationships. You’re more likely to get paid in the Christmas rush when a customer likes you.


GOLDEN TIP – Ask them when they are off for Christmas ? You need to know when they’ll be around when it comes to asking them to pay your invoice.


Follow these simple tips throughout September and October and you’ll already be one step ahead when it comes to enjoying the holiday season.


Corporate & Commercial – Here to make sure you’re Christmas is all Dough-Dough-Dough !

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