12 ‘Credit Control Tips’ of Christmas



We thought we’d share the gift of Credit Control knowledge this Christmas, with our

 ’12 Tips of Christmas,’ to boost your 2018 Cash Flow


Our 1st Tip of Christmas Treat every customer as a potential debtor. They may not become a debtor but have the correct mind-set from the start, so that you are prepared. Our 2nd Tip of Christmas


Our 2nd Tip of Christmas – Get an Account Opening Form. You need to know who you’re dealing with. Find an example here https://buff.ly/2iW8kUT


Our 3rd Tip of Christmas  – Do your due diligence. Secure credit checks and check the internet for information about the customer.


Our 4th Tip of Christmas  – Check any purchase order. Make sure it’s the same people who’ve ordered from you that you’re dealing with.


Our 5th Tip of Christmas– Send an order acknowledgement. Avoid arguments by confirming what is to be done, before it is done.


Our 6thTip of Christmas  – Reduce your exposure and risk. Work out whether you can charge for an element of the invoice up front.


Our 7th Tip of Christmas  – Invoice promptly and correctly. You can’t get paid if the customer doesn’t have a bill to pay.


Our 8th Tip of Christmas– Have a set credit control process. Have a chase system that includes reminder emails and calling scripts.


Our 9th Tip of Christmas– Have a letter of claim. Ask for your money officially, in a way that could be referenced in Court.


Our 10th tip of Christmas  – Set time aside every day to check your bank account for payments, to avoid wasting time chasing paid accounts.


 Our 11th Tip of Christmas – Consider having your Terms & Conditions created professionally, so that they can be relied upon if needed in a dispute.


Our 12th Tip of Christmas -Have an exit strategy. Source an industry expert to turn to when all else fails.



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