The Covid Cash Hangover, can you keep your head ?

You know us at Corp & Comm, we’re all about finding the positives in everything but every now and again, we also have to be the realists (after all not only do we run a business but we run a business that deals in debt recovery).

Sometimes everything is simply not sweetness and light.

Now that pubs and restaurants are opening soon, it could be time to look forward to drinks and merriment, but beware the note of caution, there is a ‘perfect storm’ coming.

A potent cocktail that if we’re not careful will have everybody’s room spinning.


Ingredients for ‘The Perfect Storm’ mocktail.

  • Firstly pour a generous measure of a really poor and underachieving economy.
  • Add the necessity to cover similar overheads from before but from a reduced client base.
  • Liberally add government grants, funding and handouts to falsely sweeten the mix.
  • Top up with CBILS and Bounce Back loans, that now start to be repaid.
  • Apply a little deferred HMRC payments that many are now choosing to repay.
  • To finish liberally sprinkle a general sales malaise, restricting new cashflow.
  • Serve chilled following a year of basic business inactivity.


The perfect storm mocktail – The new challenge of having to find the same revenue requirements but from a lesser client base, to meet pretty much the same expenditure need as before.

There’s no two ways of putting it, money will be tight over the next SIX months whilst companies both understand and get used to their current cashflow commitments.

Whereas over the last six months we’ve seen businesses work with each other and wait unusual length of time to be paid, the necessity to now get their cash in their bank has started to hit home. The time for waiting and working with people has passed, the time to both protect your company’s immediate needs and future growth is now.

If you would like to discuss your current Credit Control process with a view to understanding how you can improve it, or if you should be looking to outsourcing it so you can concentrate on growing your business, then please get in touch 01535 654 594 or

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