Do you have a ‘perfect’ plan for the tough times ahead ?

Why oh why do we continue to believe in these mup…..ts ! ? !

Grant Shapps (Business Secretary) announced in December that there would be a full root and branch review of late payment attitudes towards small businesses, with the results planned to be published on the 6th April 2023.

To press, we continue to wait for the report with baited breath.

Sadly we believe it will be just another headline grabbing exercise, akin to the much lorded Prompt Payment Code, the Government’s ‘voluntary’ code of practice, drafted to speed up payments but in fact attributed very little to changing the attitudes of slow payment.

Here at Corp & Comm we live by the mantra ‘Education Is Everything’.

People can tell you that they’re doing all they can for us but in reality, if you want to protect your interests, you have to have a PERFECT plan to take action yourself.

So how can you educate us then…?

Times are hard, cash is tight. We want you to be first in line for payment. Here are some hints and tips as to how to be P.E.R.F.E.C.T when the time comes to ask for your monies, without it affecting those valuable client relationships.

    • Have your call script to hand so to be both concise and professional.
    • Be bright and alert. Nobody wants to talk to a grump.
    • Ask yourself if the debtor can meet your request or will you need to negotiate.
    • Don’t go off track. You’ve called to ask for your money so ASK FOR IT !.
    • Although you need to be firm, you must also understand the debtor’s position.
    • Try to form a bond with the customer, they’ll be more likely to resolve your claim.
    • Always remember why you’ve rang, you need your money so make this your goal.


If you would rather spend your time on other priorities, we are here as a trusted payment partner. You get back your valuable time and you receive an expert team to ensure you get paid quickly .

You can outsource both your end to end Credit Control or any individual Debt Recovery, learn more at or call us on 01535 654 594.

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