Credit Control Service
Taking The Stress Out of Getting your Cash In


It sounded too good to be true.

When Rob first mentioned his Credit Control Service…it sounded too good to be true.
I had a list of customers who needed constant prompting to pay their invoices, but I didn’t have a enough time in the day to contact them all and still get on with the main workload to produce my local community magazine.
Rob and his team now carefully and expertly look after my customers and encourage prompt payment of their invoices. Having them look after my business income, means I’m free to focus on the part of the business I really enjoy. After the first month, the turn-around in my finances has helped rescue my cash flow and keep both the bank manager and my wife happy.

Neil, Thornton Directory.

We Will Help You Save Time And Money

Putting it simply, Credit Control is the process of ensuring the invoices you have raised are promptly paid into your bank.

Controlling cash flow, collecting the monies that you have already earned, is a business priority ! However Credit Control is unlikely to be the best use of your time.

Time spent in the pursuit of the invoice does not make the invoice worth any more. In fact, it actually makes it worth less.

The time you lose pursuing an invoice is opportunity lost. Valuable time where you could be generating more business and earning more money.

By engaging Corp & Comm, you ensure your time is your own. Time you can invest on your business.

Time spent pursuing new opportunities.

Time spent earning more money.

Time spent being a success.


So, how does it work?

One call to us on (01535) 64 45 94 and….

  • You receive your own designated credit control manager, who provides a seamless extension to your business.
  • You no longer have those awkward conversations about cash with your client.
  • You free up valuable time for other priorities.
  • You maximise the chances of greatly improving your cash flow.
  • Our customer service levels are second to none to ensure repeat business opportunities remain.
  • You simply raise your invoices, we’ll do all the rest.
  • Pre-agreed monthly fees.

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