Debt Recovery

Maximising the Return of your Hard Earned Money


Swift and professional resolution…

Rob provided a swift and professional resolution with a problematic client. I would certainly recommend his services, to anyone with non paying clients / customers

– Josephine Nattrass

Debt Recovery – We Will Help You Get Paid What Is Rightfully Yours.

Putting it simply, Debt Recovery is the payment of your legitimately owed outstanding invoices.

An effective and successful debt recovery process ensures improved cash flow and larger cash reserves which are key to business growth.

Outsourcing problem debts allows detachment from issues that are taking up valuable time.

Third party involvement provides an extra avenue when all internal chase procedures have been exhausted.

Employing a specialist in the field allows you to concentrate on your own specialisms, which in turn gets you back to earning more money.

Addressing the issue concentrates the debtor’s mind and forces the matter to a conclusion.

By engaging Corp & Comm, you ensure you have a solution to any debt matter.

A solution to increase your chances of being paid.

A solution to pass matters of concern to a professional.

A solution that frees up valuable time and allows you to concentrate on other priorities.

Key Benefits

One call to us on (01535) 65 45 94 and….

  • You employ skilled debt recovery experts, to professionally and expertly recover your monies.
  • You provide yourself an escape from the drain on your valuable time.
  • You maximise your possibilities of payment.
  • You receive a cost effective solution in reducing arrears.

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