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We are lucky enough to have several Accountants as clients and advocates, financial professionals who are willing to refer business contacts to us as and when they feel we can be of help.

One of these longstanding clients TLC, recently asked if we’d like to be a ‘guest blogger’ on their site, to share some of or expertise with their readers. Obviously we jumped at the chance and wanted to share it with our readers too.

TLC, like us can be a quirky bunch and as you might expect they love their figures. So here are a few figures to kick things off:

  • A typical small business wastes 130 hours p.a. chasing invoices.
  • In pounds and pence the recovery fees alone equate to almost £11,500 p.a. per company or, £11 Billion p.a. across the whole UK SME sector.

Admittedly we’d like to earn a little more of this £11 Billion but for now, head over to TLC Accountants and let us give you some free advice to maximise your chances of being paid and hopefully save you time and money that can be put to better use:  >>





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