A good walk spoiled… Not when you’re helping others.

Golf… a good walk spoiled they say…
Well not if you’re raising money for charity and helping others less fortunate than yourself.
(But to be honest, the way I play the walk is probably the most enjoyable aspect !)
Here at Corp & Comm we’re all about giving back, simply because we can and to be honest, we all should.
Now in our 11th year, The Friendly Golf Society is a bunch of like-minded business owners who have a bat once a month during the fairer days.
We’re always on the look-out for a stressed business owner who fulfils these criteria :
1, They’re looking for a little time to themselves.
2, They’re looking to do some good for others.
3, They can smack a bit of plastic around a field…
The aim – to give themselves a little reward whilst all the while doing some good for those less fortunate for ourselves.
Last year we raised £1,500.00 for Rob Burrow’s MNDA.
If you know somebody who fits the bill, click on the link below and point them in our direction.
If their heart’s in the right place, then they need to be too…
The Friendly Golf Society
Our 2024 events are : 
3rd May – Knaresborough
31st May – Normanton / Hatfield Hall
28th June – Huddersfield / Fixby Hall
20th July – Rotherham
23rd August – Woodsome Hall
20th September – Shipley / Beckfoot

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